How a Home-Like Setting Aids Mental Health Treatment

How a Home-Like Setting Aids Mental Health Treatment

Are you trying to improve your mental health but struggling to create an environment conducive to doing so? Creating a comfortable and home-like setting improves mental health progress and overall outcomes. When at a facility away from home, creating a homey environment makes a difference in the effectiveness of treatment. Alter San Diego Crisis Intervention is not like most inpatient facilities. We prioritize offering a tranquil and safe space to work through struggles, find peace, and improve mental health. 

Creating a home-like setting will impact the effectiveness of your entire treatment journey. Let us help you make a homey aesthetic while seeking mental health treatment at our facility. You can find a million reasons to avoid embarking on the journey toward improved mental health. Make today the day you stop avoiding and finally prioritize your mental health.  

The Impact of Not Treating Mental Health

Struggling with mental health disorders is different for everyone. We all struggle in unique ways because our experiences, even the bad ones, are all our own. However, anyone with a mental health condition can live a successful and full life. Anything is possible with the appropriate treatment, effective coping techniques, and mental health interventions. That is not to say it will always be easy. Though millions struggle with mental health conditions every day, many do not seek the necessary mental health treatment. If untreated, mental illness can wreak havoc on your life, making it more challenging to live life to the fullest. 

As every experience with mental health is unique, so is treatment. The best mental health treatment is one that is most effective for your mental health condition, needs, and life situation. That means one program or facility may be better than another, depending on what it offers. For example, at Alter San Diego Crisis Intervention, we use clinical expertise and experience to provide clients with a personal, holistic, and comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Other facilities may focus more on other areas, but there is no one formula for comprehensive care or a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. 

Nevertheless, some of the consequences of not treating mental health include: 

  • The development of other mental health conditions 
  • Greater risk of developing substance use and co-occurring disorders 
  • Inability to continue working, which leads to financial troubles 
  • Trouble within your personal relationships 
  • The incapability to take care of your physical health, which leads to a number of chronic health conditions 

Preventing such outcomes requires that you seek proper treatment, but time spent away from home and your environment can be counterproductive. That is why creating a home-like setting is vital.

How Unhealthy Environments Impact Mental Health

Whether you are in the middle of treatment or have been healing from a mental health condition long-term, unhealthy environments can impact your mental health. Even individuals who do not require intensive mental health treatment need to create healthy environments conducive to their well-being. 

The definition of a healthy environment is subjectively dependent on your needs. For example, to create a healthy, safe space for yourself, you may need to cut ties with toxic people in your life. Sometimes keeping toxic people out of your safe space is a necessary difficulty for you to achieve wellness. 

Additionally, creating a healthy space may also require you to declutter. Many of us collect so many things over our lives that we can feel overwhelmed by everything we have. While it is not always vital to get rid of things that are extremely sentimental, decluttering and adopting a minimalist mindset can make all the difference. 

Now, these are changes you may consider implementing at home. However, what about during treatment? What can you do to create a safe, home-like setting while seeking necessary mental health care? 

Why You Must Create a Home-Like Setting During Treatment

As mentioned, healthy, safe, and home-like settings are crucial to a conducive treatment experience. One of the primary reasons you must create a home-like environment during treatment is because it will motivate you to get better. For example, time away from your family may be painfully difficult and can tempt you to go home mid-treatment. Surrounding yourself with photos of loved ones and things from home reminds you why you are in treatment – to create a better life for yourself. 

Additionally, some treatment facilities are not as homey as others. Working with a center that prioritizes making clients feel comfortable and safe augments care exponentially. Instead of feeling like a stranger in an unusual place, you are part of a community working towards a common goal. 

How You Can Create a Home-Like Setting in Treatment Today

Creating a home-like setting in treatment may be easier than you initially believe. All you have to do to make treatment homier is: 

  1. Surrounding yourself with photos of friends, family, and loved ones 
  2. Bring your favorite throw blanket, pillow, or comfy comforter to sleep with
  3. Decorate your space to your liking – within limits – with pieces of art or other things that make you feel at home 
  4. Be sure to pack comfy clothes, whether that includes your favorite hoodie, robe, or slippers 
  5. Spend time making connections with peers to strengthen your community and support and feel at home

These are only five simple tips for creating a home-like setting In treatment. At the end of the day, ways to make yourself feel at home are endless! 

There are many facets to effective mental health treatment, and factors influence the most effective treatment for you. That may include the type of mental health condition, severity, how long you have been struggling, and what other circumstances may be impacting you. Some people require more intense inpatient treatment, but spending time away from home and your loved ones can be counterproductive. For that reason, creating a home-like environment can aid your overall treatment journey. You can create a safe, comfortable space by bringing photos, comfy clothes, and decorations that make your space warm and conducive to your mental health. For more information on creating a home-like setting in treatment, call Alter San Diego Crisis Intervention at (866) 986-1481