About Us

Alter Mental Health San Diego provides a short-term crisis stabilization program developed as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization where individuals struggling with an acute mental health crisis can come to stabilize either in lieu of being hospitalized or other levels of care. We provide around-the-clock intensive psychiatric/medical care, and onsite 24-hour nursing care including continuous observation, monitoring, and intervention as well as administration of medications. Our mission is to provide a sustainable impact on the individual and family system as a whole.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Every behavioral health clinic that deals in common mental illnesses, including addiction, tout their adherence to evidence-based treatment. However, they do not often delve into details on what these treatments are. At Alter Health Group, the treatments that we employ are as diverse and unique as the clientele who trust us with their recovery. However, you can broadly categorize the treatments as either being a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or pharmaceutical therapies.

Mission & Approach

Our treatment team is made up of licensed, experienced, mental health professionals dedicated to working together to create immediate and sustainable change in each patient we serve.

We combine the latest science and evidence-based treatment with compassion and understanding to help our clients recover, grow, and build a better life than they had before. To that end, we provide a diverse array of treatments and services by which we aim to promote holistic healing.

Meet Our Team

meeting our team members

Dr. Araz Tawfique, M.D.

Medical Director/Psychiatrist

meet our team stacy

Stacy Dawish, PMHNP

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

meet the team

Dr. Loren Martin, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

meet our team


Executive Director of Operations

meet our team

Niloufar Nekou, LMFT

VP - Executive Clinical Director

meet our team

Katarena Arger, AMFT

Clinical Manager

meet our team

Dr. Michael Majeski

Licensed Clinical Psychologist