Crisis Assessment for Mental Health

During our Crisis Intervention Assessment our top priority is that our patients feel safe and secure to discuss their mental health.

To qualify for immediate mental health treatment at Alter’s Crisis Stabilization Unit, an individual must be ready for treatment that would otherwise be appropriate for entering a psychiatric hospital.

San Diego Crisis Center for Mental Health Treatment

The gold-standard diagnostic is a definitive assessment of a person’s mental health status from rigorous psychiatric interviews by trained clinicians or a clinical psychologist.

Alter Mental Health Crisis Assessment San Diego

1. Family History
2. Thorough Diagnostic Test
3. Complete biopsychosocial assessment. *The BPSA assesses for trauma and relationship histories, family dynamics, history of symptomatic behavior, hospitalizations, suicidality, homicidally, self-injurious behavior
4. PHQ-9 Test
5. GAD-7 Test
6. Additional tests as determined by the clinician and symptoms