Man Thanks Alter Mental Health for Stabilizing a Relative and Putting Them on the Path to Better Mental Health

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San Diego, California — An Alter Mental Health patient’s family member found comfort in the mental health treatment facility’s stabilization program in San Diego and the way it helped his relative, according to a recent five-star review

“I am so very thankful for the stabilization program as that allowed for my family member to work out of a deep hole (with 24-hour care and with PERSONAL care),” the patient’s family member, John, wrote in the review. “Not only did this provide the environment for healing but promoted a strong desire to continue on a path to better mental health and becoming the best version of self-possible.” 

Alter Mental Health in San Diego is a crisis stabilization unit for patients who are going through a mental health crisis and don’t want to be held in a hospital on a psychiatric hold. Patients experiencing a mental health crisis first need to go through a series of assessments to figure out how severe the situation is and if this is the right place for the treatment they need. When assessing if a patient needs crisis stabilization, mental health professionals will use different assessment measures, including family history, a thorough diagnostic test, a complete biopsychosocial assessment, a PHQ-9 test, and a GAD-7 test. 

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After being admitted to Alter Mental Health’s crisis stabilization unit, patients are guided through the six-step stabilization plan. The first step of the plan is defining the problem, followed by ensuring safety, which is done when there’s a solid foundation. The next step is providing support — not only from the treatment process and figuring out what’s best for the patient but also support from staff and family members.

The fourth step is examining the alternatives. Sometimes there’s not a clear path to getting recovery, so it’s important to look over all the alternative options for care and support. Next, the patient makes a plan for further treatment Since the stabilization unit is a temporary solution, making a plan after leaving is how patients can successfully manage their condition in the future. The last step is obtaining commitment, which means the patient who went through the stabilization program is fully prepared to go back into their regular environment.

Alter Mental Health in San Diego is only a temporary option and is only meant to provide 24 hours of crisis stabilization care, but many patients go on to get help at Alter Behavioral Health’s facilities in Irvine and Mission Viejo which provide ongoing care and treatment for mental health. In his Google review, John wrote, “The success and positive impact of the stabilization program allowed my family member to transition to residential care (with Alter) seamlessly and continue on the path to deeper and more long-standing mental health.” Continuous care after a 24 crisis stabilization treatment is important as another mental health crisis can happen again if not managed through treatment and medications. 

When mental health crisis symptoms appear, it’s important not to ignore them, and for many people in San Diego and beyond, Alter Mental Health has been a sanctuary for recovery after a crisis. Learn more about the Alter Mental Health team and treatment options by visiting or calling 866-986-1481.