Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment in California

Understanding Mental Health in California

Mental health includes a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. A person’s mental health can affect all areas of their life including how they think, feel, and act. When mental health takes a downturn, it can affect everyday functioning and in severe cases can lead a person to risk harming themselves or others. Mental health crises, such as these, require immediate mental health services in California to ensure their safety and quickly get them stabilized to regain their ability to properly care for themselves. 

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Our Mental Health Treatment Services for California Residents

Alter Mental Health offers California residents an alternative to inpatient hospitalization during mental health crises. Our California mental health services programs are aimed at providing immediate short-term treatment with 24-hour monitoring and evidence-based therapies to help individuals dealing with a mental crisis gain a strong foundation toward long-term recovery. Services are available to those who are in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others or have become incapable of taking care of themselves. We are also able to help those in less acute crises, such as a person who is struggling with a severe bout of depression. Short-term intensive mental health services in California can help them seek out long-term care. 

Crisis Stabilization Treatment in California

Crisis stabilization mental health treatment in California provides the intensive care a person may need to maintain safety, receive immediate care, and create a treatment and recovery plan. Alter Mental Health will use evidence-based therapies, medication management, and holistic methods to stabilize clients in emergency mental health situations. Crisis stabilization begins with a thorough assessment to identify the right diagnosis and provide clients with the types of treatment they need.  Programs are short-term and intended to find immediate solutions to mental health disorders and get them on the path toward long-term recovery through appropriate referral services. 

Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia can be a debilitating mental health disorder and can impair daily function. Individuals with schizophrenia may experience delusions, paranoia, hallucination, and extremely disordered thinking. Fortunately, with treatment, symptoms can be reduced. Unfortunately, relapse and mental health crises among individuals with schizophrenia are common, even while under medication. Alter Mental Health is equipped with the knowledge staff and tools to help individuals seeking California schizophrenia treatment. Through 24-hour monitoring, medication management, and psychotherapy, we can help stabilize schizophrenia patients in California during times of crisis.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

People with bipolar disorder experience extreme mood swings with long periods of depression and mania. These episodes can quickly turn into a mental health crisis if the disorder continues to go untreated. Severe episodes can risk harm to themselves or others and require immediate professional California bipolar disorder treatment. Alter Mental Health can help individuals experiencing a bipolar disorder crisis in California stay safe and find mental health stabilization. Upon admission, our clinicians will conduct a thorough evaluation to prescribe the right medication management, therapies, and whole-person wellness needed to help clients gain back control of their mental health and get on the path toward recovery.

Schizoaffective Disorder California Treatment

Individuals with schizoaffective disorder experience both schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms. It is important to be aware and look out for symptoms of a schizoaffective disorder crisis, as they can risk harming themselves or others. Our team at Alter Mental Health is available for quick admission during times of mental health crisis. Short-term inpatient mental health stabilization in California can provide the safe and calm space needed during this frightening period. Clinicians can evaluate and alter current treatment to stabilize them and provide an effective aftercare plan including referrals, family and community support, and resources before being discharged.

Major Depression Treatment

Major depression disorder is a serious condition that can affect the person as a whole, both physically and mentally. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain but can be triggered by life events or certain illnesses, including substance use disorder. Every person will experience symptoms differently, but the most common include lasting sad, anxious, or empty moods, loss of interest in activities, fatigue, feelings of guilt, trouble concentrating, changes in sleep patterns, and suicidal thoughts. Major depression treatment in California can include a combination of medication management and therapy. Without treatment, major depression can reach crisis mode and put the person at risk of hurting themselves. Crisis stabilization units provide around-the-clock monitoring, medication, and counseling to help individuals acquire enough mental health balance to continue with long-term care. 

Personality Disorders Treatment

A personality disorder involves long-lasting, all-encompassing, disruptive patterns of behavior, mood, and thinking. It can also affect how a person relates to others and the world around them. Individuals can experience distorted perceptions of reality, abnormal behaviors, and distress. There are 10 types of personality disorders with their unique signs and symptoms, however in general people can experience a lack of a stable image of themselves, unrealistic high or low self-esteem, inability to form close, stable relationships, lack of empathy, emotionally detached, or overly needy of attention or care. Individuals often do not realize their behavior is problematic which leads to a lack of treatment. Personality disorder treatment in La Mesa, San Diego and California in general, can include medications to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression plus therapy to decrease unhealthy behaviors. 

Panic Disorder Treatment

Individuals with panic disorder have frequent and unexpected panic attacks. Bouts of overwhelming fear, when there is no cause of the fear, can lead individuals to worry greatly about when and where they will experience the next panic attack. These attacks can be upsetting and disabling. Individuals can find it difficult to cope with everyday life, including their job. Panic disorder treatment in California can include medication management, such as antianxiety and antidepressant medication, plus behavioral therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Alter Mental Health has the appropriate 24-hour monitoring and professionals to help those with panic disorders treatment in La Mesa, San Diego and California in general, experiencing a crisis.

General Anxiety Disorder Treatment

There are several types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) which is characterized by constant worry when there is no reason and an inability to control the worrying. Individuals can also have symptoms of depression. Treatment at Alter Mental Health can help people with GAD in California get immediate, around-the-clock care to stabilize a crisis and get them on track toward getting long-term care. Medication, counseling, learning coping skills, and relaxation techniques can help individuals live a more normal and stress-free life.

Trauma or PTSD Treatment in California

Individuals who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event can develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Symptoms of PTSD can begin within a month of the event but sometimes do not start until years afterward. PTSD can lead to several other mental health symptoms including anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. When a person experiences a mental health crisis related to trauma or PTSD, they may be at risk of hurting themselves or others, or become unable to take care of themselves. Crisis stabilization units in California can provide immediate around-the-clock supervision and treatment to safeguard individuals and steady mental health so they can get on the path of treating their PTSD.

Mental  Disorder Treatment Types

Alter Mental Health in California aims to help clients learn how to manage their behavioral health symptoms to improve their overall quality of life. We understand that no two people experience a mental health crisis the same way and each person needs personalized care to reach mental health wellness. Our crisis stabilization unit provides comprehensive treatment with various therapies and services to help any client reach their goals. Our treatment plans are based on evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and medication management along with holistic practices for whole-person wellness. Some therapies which may be included in your individualized mental health program include:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely practiced, evidence-based modality used to treat a wide range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Clients receive one-on-one therapy to discuss various areas of their lives so they can help identify and treat negative behavioral and thought patterns relating to their mental health disorders. Therapists will provide clients with various strategies and coping skills to help clients manage their mental health symptoms.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Several forms of therapy fall under the umbrella of cognitive behavioral therapy, including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). This form of therapy aims to help clients learn mindfulness, emotional regulation, self-acceptance, and interpersonal skills to reduce negative thinking patterns. It is also useful in treating suicidal thoughts and other self-destructive behaviors. Research shows that individuals who undergo DBT have less frequent suicidal thoughts and behaviors, shorter hospitalizations, less anger, and are more likely to continue with long-term treatment.

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

Solution-focused therapy (SFT) is a widely used treatment and highly beneficial in mental health crises in California as it concentrates on finding quick and practical resolutions to mental health symptoms. Clients will set goals and a plan for the immediate future. Therapists can help clients identify their strengths to promote motivation and positivity to manage the problem at hand. Clients describe what they want their lives to look like and how they will use personal resources to reach those goals.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Another counseling approach we use at Alter Mental Health is motivational interviewing (MI). This counseling approach is designed to help clients find the motivation to make a positive behavioral change to treat their mental health disorders. This therapeutic technique can be especially beneficial for individuals who realize they need a change but are not ready to make that change. Through open-ended questions, affirmations, and reflective listening, therapists will help clients explore their feelings and find their motivations.

Psychoeducational and Process Groups for California Residents

Group therapy is widely used in both mental health and substance use disorder treatment. While some of these groups can help clients form connections with others in a similar situation as they, psychoeducational and process groups focus on providing education through information-sharing and developing healthy coping strategies. Individuals in psychoeducational groups often share a similar diagnosis, allowing the group to focus on unique topics and specific needs.

Holistic Practices in California State

At Alter Mental Health, we go beyond treating only mental health symptoms to provide a holistic approach to treatment. Holistic practices focus on the person as a whole – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically. Our clinicians will attempt to see the patient’s overall health profile including lifestyle and relationships, so they can gain a greater understanding of how all these factors play a role in their diagnosis. Some practices can include stress management, nutrition, and physical exercise in an attempt to help clients better manage their mental health symptoms.

Why Choose Alter Mental Health Treatment Services in California

When experiencing a mental health crisis, immediate care is necessary. Alter Mental Health provides an alternative to inpatient hospitalization in California with around-the-clock care and evidence-based therapies. Clients can gain back control of their mental health in our comfortable, private crisis stabilization unit. Our treatment team is made up of highly qualified, caring, and experienced clinicians who are dedicated to providing immediate and sustainable mental health. Individualized treatment plans will include various therapies and medications plus a clear discharge plan with reputable referrals so clients can successfully return to home life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health crisis, please call us today at 866-986-1481. Our assessment counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions or provide temporary admission into our program.